Five Foods I Could Not Survive Pregnancy Without

By 300 Sandwiches

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yogurtbowlLOWe’re 29 weeks into this pregnancy. I know, you’re like, “but I’ve only known about this for two weeks!” Sorry for the delayed invitation. But you’re at the party now. Grab a drink!

29 weeks. That’s third trimester, kids. That’s seven months of weird cravings, topsy-turvy stomachs, midnight snacks, 6 a.m. snacks, 2:15 snacks, 2:45 snacks…you get it. It’s a lot of meals.

Pregnant women have their unique tales of what they ate during their nine months. My mom loves telling me she ate so much lobster when she was pregnant with me that when I was a baby, I would hold my little fingers in a claw shape for months. Some women want pickles (I did, around month three), some women want ice cream (I do, months five – present), some want them both at the same time (um, can’t say the same).

I’ve been eating a lot of chicken, brown rice, kale, broccoli, watermelon, and other healthy balanced meals on a regular to make sure I’m getting the proper vitamins and minerals for the growing belly. But there’s a few things that I must have on a daily basis, along with a water and a prenatal vitamin:

1.) Fortified cereal: I don’t eat cereal often, but it was a godsend when I was starving during my first trimester and I couldn’t go ten paces without eating something. When you are that ravenous for food, you reach for the first thing you can get into your belly (cupcakes, last night’s thai food, etc.). Cereal was the healthy snack I could grab and go and tide me over until I made an actual breakfast. I like Life and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, which both surprisingly have less than 10 G of sugar per serving and are packed with vitamins. (oh, and people read your labels. Not all cereal is bad. In fact, there are organic whole wheat, fancy pants cereal you buy from Whole Foods that has more sugar than some General Mills’ staples. Just because it’s organic or healthy doesn’t mean it’s better.)

2.) Oranges: This was my go to fruit of the first trimester. Slices of oranges felt good on my throat and eased my morning sickness. But the major craving for oranges eased up by second trimester.

3.) Yogurt and fruit: My breakfast of champions. I love my yogurt and fruit bowls (see above). Cut up banana, strawberries, blueberries or peaches, 2 percent Fage yogurt, and chopped pecans or walnuts and a small handful of chopped dark chocolate. A drizzle of honey and viola! It’s my trademark breakfast every day. Unless I make waffles, which I would usually reserve for weekend treats.

4.) Seltzer water: I’ve had gallons of seltzer water during this pregnancy. I throw back at least one cold can a day of seltzer water a day. Bubbles also helped with digestion. More interesting to drink than plain ol’ water.

5.) Mint chocolate chip ice cream: You have been outside right? Then you know how oppressive this summer heat has been . and the only thing that can really cool me down is cooling mint chocolate chip ice cream. I always keep a pint in the fridge, but I careful ration out my portions so to not overindulge. I allow myself  a couple spoonfuls per night from the pint, and no more. I don’t get my own bowl, I don’t put anything on it. Just a few tablespoons, and I put it away. A pint can last me at least two weeks this way.

But where are the sandwiches, you say? I shall explain….

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