Vermont Survival Kit

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0578 It’s 70 degrees outside. Our snowboards have been put in storage for the season, and E and I are already plotting our spring adventures. As we unpacked our weekend bags from our last trip to Vermont, we took stock of the goods that got us through snowboarding season:

—Vermont Apple Butter (great for snacking, delicious when spread on crackers or toast).
—Pure maple syrup (ok, this can came from Canada but was gifted to us IN Vermont, since the state is known for its syrup)
—Vermont Ice Maple Creme Liqueur, which is like Bailey’s Irish Creme but it’s “enhanced by blending in Vermont maple syrup and apple brandy produced from Vermont grown apples,” according to the manufacturers. Awesome in coffee or on ice.

Oh, and taxidermy. Can’t have a properly stocked Vermont ski lodge without taxidermy.

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