Throwback Thursday

By 300 Sandwiches

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unlovedsammieLOI’m throwing it back to last weekend to sound off on the worst sandwich I’ve ever paid money for.

We went to the beach in Long Island and stopped at a local deli somewhere on the north shore to grab lunch. I ordered a turkey and swiss on rye from the teenager behind the counter. What a disappointment. For one, I thought I’d have the option to add lettuce or onion or some other vegetable. Nope. The guy ran off to make the sandwich before I could tell him I’d like some greens. I got a completely white sandwich, aside from that bit of Grey Poupon he used. Meh.

And then there was the construction. Do you see how the cheese is just slapped on the bread?! The guy didn’t even have the thought to trim the cheese to the size of the bread! I’d never do that for E. Hell I wouldn’t do that for anyone. #lazy

Knew I should have just bought ice cream instead.

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