Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich Giveaway: Enter to Win Ziploc Goodies!

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52tdayleftoversloOh, do I have something special for y’all.

Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is around the corner. Most of us will be devouring turkey and trimmings come Nov. 28. But what to do with all of those leftovers? Naturally I’ll be making sandwiches for my hungry E. That’s where you come in.

I’m on the hunt for the tastiest Thanksgiving leftover sandwich suggestions to make with all of our holiday eats. Whether it’s turkey and veggies on fresh bread while watching football, or grilled cheese with homemade turkey soup, I want to hear what sandwiches you make for your family and friends, and what you think my E—he of the discerning palate and Forbidden Foods list—would find appealing.

E and I will pick 5 of our favorite sandwiches from your submissions, and those crafty 5 participants will receive a package from Ziploc Brand products to help you store your turkey and trimmings after the big feast. You’ll be able to keep your leftovers fresh for days, and not freak out when cousin Jane makes off with your good casserole dish AGAIN.

Submit your recipes via the e-mail,, or in the comments section below. Deadline is 8 PM EST next Monday, Nov. 18!

Looking forward to hearing—and tasting—your suggestions!

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