Sandwich #197–“Thanksgiving Prep” Turkey, Cranberry and Cheddar Sliders

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197turkeycranLOHere’s one leftover T-day sandwich to get you inspired for our Thanksgiving Leftovers Ziploc giveaway.

This weekend, E and I already started experimenting with what recipes to include for our Thanksgiving feast. We’re expecting about a dozen people with a range of palates, so we’ve got to make each dish a crowd pleaser.

I wanted to experiment with different turkey preparations before the big feast, so I picked up a whole turkey breast from Fairway over the weekend for dinner and sandwiches. These small meaty roasts are great for anyone who’s cooking for one or two people and doesn’t want to fuss with an entire turkey. My turkey breast was about 3 pounds. I took a stick of softened, creamy butter, added some chopped thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper, rubbed the butter all over the turkey, and roasted it for 30 minutes at 425 degrees. Then, I slathered a bit more butter on the bird, and roasted it for another hour at 325 degrees, basting a few more times just to make sure it stayed moist. Remove, let rest, carve, and boom. Juicy, perfectly cooked turkey breast that made a perfect dinner with grapefruit and arugula salad and roasted sweet potatoes.

The next day, slices of that breast with homemade cranberry sauce, cheddar cheese and greens on mini brioche buns made perfect bite-sized snacks. E devoured two while working away at his computer. “This tastes like Thanksgiving,” he said.

The next day, we sent our official Thanksgiving invitation to our guest list via Evite. Here’s a tip to get people to RSVP to your holiday gatherings in a timely fashion: give them an incentive. Tell them the first to respond gets an early pick in the holiday Secret Santa. Or the first can reserve the best spot on the couch to watch football while the bird cooks.

Or this: “Last one to RSVP has to bring the caviar!” we jokingly demanded of our friends.

But seriously, don’t forget the blinis.

4 mini brioche rolls
turkey (as many slices per sandwich as you’d like)
3-4 slices white cheddar cheese
arugula or other greens
cranberry sauce (like 300’s Homemade Ginger Cranberry Sauce)

Layer cheese on rolls, then pop into oven to toast. Remove when cheese melts, then smooth on cranberry sauce. Layer on turkey, then greens. Top with other side of brioche. Serve. Makes four sandwiches.

Don’t forget to submit your best Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich recipes to us for a chance to win a free package of Ziploc goodies. E-mail your submissions to, or leave a suggestion in the comments below! Deadline is 8 PM EST Monday, November 18!

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