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Sandwich #18: “Early Rise” Egg and Avocado Sandwich

E woke up at 7 am on Sunday morning. I needed a few more minutes of shuteye, and didn’t stumble to the kitchen until an hour later. “Coffee,” I muttered. “Breakfast!” he chirped, but hadn’t started cooking. I looked in our refrigerator and noticed we had more than a dozen eggs, plus we had fresh […]

Sandwich #5–“Hot as Hell” Salmon Sandwich with Avocado Mash

Saturday night. 8 PM. It was an ass-frying 95 degrees today. Asphalt melting, dog sweating, kids swarming the ice cream truck kinda hot. And of course, E was in the mood for a sandwich for dinner. I needed something that would be refreshing and not require a lot of time around the stove. Tonight was […]