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Sandwich #56–“Not That Big a Pot” Meatball Sandwiches

Sometimes, I can follow instructions too literally. For example, I have a soft voice, one which has the same timbre as ambient noise. This means when I’m in a crowded restaurant or loud office, it’s hard for others to hear me because the tone of my voice isn’t high pitched like a little girl or […]

Sandwich #31–“Dirty Dishes” Sausage and Egg Sandwich

The night before the end of Fashion Week, I capped of a full day of covering events and shows with a late meal at Harry Cipriani (where, in fact, I spotted Naomi Campbell near the bar). When I finally made it home, E was already in bed. But I didn’t head to the bedroom to […]

Sandwich # 30–“In the Queue” Chicken Salad Sandwich

I love big box retailers. Blame my Midwestern roots, but I love the promise of bargain basement prices and offers like “Buy 5, get 6 free!” and wandering through those wide aisles and seeing perfect facing stacks of paper towels and Clorox and Eggo waffles and Corn Flakes all lined on shelves. It’s like being […]

Sandwich #26–“French Tuesdays” Croque Madame

“Croque madame,” E suggested over text message. “You eat ham?” I asked. I learn something new about my boyfriend every day. I’m not too fond of white creamy sauces (my thighs expand at the mere sight of them), nor was I looking forward to having to top this cheesy sandwich with a runny egg. But […]