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Yes, we’ve been quiet for a few months. But we’ve been busy.

Busy cooking up another human, that is.

Yes, E and I are expecting our first child and we are beyond excited! In fact, the little one is due in just three months!

Why in the heck didn’t you say anything earlier? they ask. Well, um, gee, yes, you’re right. I’ve known about this for quite some time. I’ve shared details of our relationship from dating to marriage here for about 4 years. Naturally, I’d want to share the happiest news of all—that we were going to be parents—here as well. Right?

I did. But I was also super superstitious about sharing this vey important, very fragile, very personal news, and well, wanted to wait as long as possible. Perhaps we could have broken the news when we looked back at our wedding photos on our first anniversary, or ate a piece of our (stale) wedding cake. Ah, well. At least you know we’re good at keeping a secret.

We could not be happier and prouder to be expecting a little one. The next few months will be full of baby prepping (anyone want to come with us to childbirth classes? Just kidding!) and anxiety and anticipation about our little one’s arrival, and we look forward to every second of it. I’ve learned a lot of things during the pregnancy too that I will share here, including why I actually have not been eating a lot of sandwiches during this time and what other things we’ve been cooking and eating instead.

Got any great recipes to get a pregnant lady through the last trimester? Leave a comment on our Facebook wall. I don’t just want pickles and ice cream based ideas—my cravings are very much equal opportunity.

Oh, and it’s a girl. 🙂

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