FBF: Valentine’s Day Special

By 300 Sandwiches

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227browniehearLOI made sandwich #227, heart-shaped brownie sandwiches with Ricotta cream cheese filling last year for E for Valentine’s Day. This year, I’ve got some other treats in mind.

Macarons. And I won’t quit until I get them right.

E and I have tried making macarons several times, but have failed miserably at the task. These treats are not something you can just wing. You need be precise in your measurements, and mix them carefully.

I could go to the masters at Laduree and get the most perfect macarons on the planet that are shipped in fresh from Paris. But there’s more love in homemade desserts. That’s assuming I’m not left cursing at the oven if my macarons flop.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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