Fashion Week is Over

By 300 Sandwiches

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BlueRibbonNYCThe condition of lethargy, bitterness, and exhaustion from going to fashion shows and parties is commonly described as Fashion Weak. That was me this week. Hence the lack of posting.

But, I”m back. And to recover from a long week of work, E and I are headed out for dinner.

At the end of every Fashion Week, E and I have a tradition of heading to Blue Ribbon Brasserie in Soho for a leisurely Friday night dinner. Blue Ribbon has everything you could want from a neighborhood joint–quality cocktails and a solid wine list, well-stocked raw bar, and staples from fried chicken, lobster, pasta and paella on the menu. Blue Ribbon dinner is our treat to ourselves whenever we finish a large project —like covering Fashion Week, or my book (which I’m editing now!) or an iPhone app or consulting project.

I usually start the night with a martini, and sip it while slurping down oysters. Then I get their roasted chicken with sweet potatoes and greens and E orders the duck or the duck club. It’s a meal that tastes like Thanksgiving—so hearty, we need a nap afterwards.

It’s nice to have a tradition with your significant other. It’s an excuse for a date night, it’s a time to celebrate each other’s hard work, and thank the other person for their patience during one another’s “dark period.”

Once I get a good meal in my belly, then I can recharge for next week.

Happy Friday y’all!

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