Cooking Class: Dulce De Leche

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dulchedelecheThe most decadent dessert sauce you can make only needs two ingredients, and one of them is water.

I’m glad I didn’t know how to make dulce de leche earlier, because I would have permanently had a batch on hand to spoon out at my leisure. For breakfast, for dinner, for midnight snack—I would be jumping off the walls right before bedtime from all of the sugar. E would have LOVED that!

I needed dulce de leche for those alfajores I made last week. I didn’t have two hours to spare since I started baking after coming home late from a work event, so I subbed in Nutella instead. But on Sunday, when my top priority was sitting on the couch watching football, I plopped a jar of sweetened uncondensed milk into a pot of billing water and let it simmer for two and a half hours.

After dinner, in between commercials and after I let the can cool down for another 30 minutes, I had the final product. Like magic, and me, the chef, acting like a regular Whodini, I had transformed a regular ol’ can of milk into liquid gold. Dense, creamy, brown dulce de leche. Perfect for desserts, or spread on crackers, or straight off the spoon. Which is how I’ve enjoyed it so far.

None of it has made it to those alfajores yet.

1 can sweetened condensed milk
pot of boiling water
additional cup of boiling water

Fill a large pot with enough boiling water to completely cover the can of condensed milk (don’t put the can in the pot yet!).

Take your can of condensed milk, and remove the label. Rinse the can well. Do not open.

When water is boiling, carefully place the condensed milk into the water on its side. Cover the pot with a lid, but place cover so that air is allowed to escape. Let sit for 2 1/2 hours.

While can is boiling, you may need to replace water that evaporates during heating process, hence the additional cup of boiling water. Pour additional boiling water into pot to make sure water continues to completely cover the can. Don’t let the can become exposed while boiling—it can explode.

When done, remove can from boiling water and let cool completely before opening (I let mine sit for another half an hour, the dulce de leche continues to cook during the cooling process). Open can with a can opener and enjoy.

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