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Mushroom Marinara Sauce

This is the marinara sauce I used on that deee-licious meat-ish balls wrap the other day. Mushroom marinara sauce is not E approved, because it has mushrooms, and mushrooms are on E’s Forbidden Foods list. But this month, we’re going our separate ways in the kitchen. I’m vegan, he’s not. I’ve learned a lot during […]

Thanksgiving Prep: Cranberry Chutney

Our Thanksgiving countdown has begun! We’ve sent out invitations, started stocking up on the booze and started testing recipes.

Cooking Class: Beet Pesto

It’s the weekend! Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, and I have 48 hours to eat, sleep, play, work out and listen to my music on full blast as I clean the floors. And, of course, cook.