And the Winners of Our Ziploc Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwiches Giveaway Are….

By 300 Sandwiches

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giveawaywinnerLOI am so excited to reveal the winners of our Ziploc Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich Giveaway!

First, thanks to all of our lovely readers who submitted entries—we truly appreciate the thoughtful e-mails and Facebook posts of your Thanksgiving traditions. E and I loved reading through them and found your stories heartwarming. And then we got hungry, so we had to hurry up and choose our favorite entries.

Below, we picked our five favorite sammiches from the entries based creativity, originality and taste. These creative participants below will receive a few Ziploc products as a thank you for your submissions.

***Jillian S. from Dyer, IN—her Curry Turkey Salad Sandwich is a flavorful twist on traditional turkey salad.

***Andie G from Pierre, SD—Her husband makes stuffing packed with hamburger. This, plus turkey, make up her Stuffturturkey Sanmmich.

***Bethany J. from Cedar Rapids, IA—she uses two frozen (soft) pretzels, turkey and mayo for her Soft Pretzel Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich.

***Sydney E. from Charleston, SC—Though her grandmother has an amazing recipe for oyster dressing, Sydney uses this one because Grandma “refuses to pass down her cooking secrets.” This plus turnip greens and mashed potatoes make up her Oyster Dressing T-Day Sandwich, and she recommends washing it all down with a glass of sweet tea.

And finally the sandwich that rocked our world, the sandwich that we consider the best of the lot, that deliciousness pictured in the photo above:

***Liz A. from Culver City, CA: The Thanksgiving Shooter Sandwich— Oh. My. GOD. Mind blown. Eyes crossed. World rocked. This fat sammie is something Liz and her brothers made up because “it’s the best way to get rid of most of your leftovers while embracing Thanksgiving fatness.” I think it was a gift from the heavens, bestowed upon her to share with me.

This basically was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. It so good, it deserves its own post.

Check back in a bit for how we made Liz’s Thanksgiving Shooter Sandwich.

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