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People have mentioned to me that E is too picky—the man’s Forbidden Foods list is filled with things most people adore. “I sense an immature and still unrefined palate,” one wrote via e-mail.

But E’s not alone—-everyone has their particular way they like their sammies prepared.

And when a sandwich is made to your specifications by someone you love, it’s the best feeling ever. You know someone really cares when they “get your order right.”

I had to share this note I got the other day from a 300 reader, KP, from Arlington, VA:

“I too love sandwiches. My wife jokes with me from time to time that I married her for her awesome sandwich skills.

What makes my wife’s sandwiches stand out is the care she takes in preparing them. The ingredients must be prepared in such a way (for example a certain thickness to the meats or cheese, the angle of the cut to the veggies), the breads must be cut (or not) in a certain way, the spreads must be applied at the right time, the ingredients must be layered in a specific order, etc. And it’s different for each sandwich she makes. She knows the ingredients and flavor profiles and knows the order in which they’ll taste the best.

If you give me a box of assorted sandwich ingredients, I’ll plop them all on some bread and enjoy my sandwich. But if you give her the exact same ingredients, it’ll be an amazing dining experience! I think the care and attention to the ingredients that she puts into making a sandwich is what makes it the best…”

(—KP and his wife have been married for three years, but have known each other for two decades.)

See how love can be expressed between two pieces of bread?

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