When Do You Think You’ll Be Finished?

By 300 Sandwiches

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People ask me all the time, “when do you think you’ll be done with the sandwiches?”

It’s a fair question. According to my pace of about three sandwiches a week, I should be done in a few months. Or, I could crank up the pace and throw a few parties and do three or four sandwiches a day. “Then, you’ll get the ring!” “Then you can plan a wedding!” “Then you won’t have to cook anymore!” friends say.

But what if I don’t want to finish? What if I don’t want to rush to finish? I like this journey. I like cooking; I actually enjoy cooking now, compared to being overwhelmed by frustration during my first 50 sandwiches or so. I like all the things I’ve learned through this blog. I like taking photographs of food and decor and beautiful ocean views on vacation. And I love hearing from new friends and readers about how love and food have affected their lives.

Sure, a ring would be nice. But I don’t want to just slap together some meat and bread and “hurry up and finish.” There’s no fun in that.

There’s no love in that.

So, when do I think I’ll be finished? Most likely, I’ll hit number 300 by this summer. If I want to.

But after that, I will still make E sandwiches. Because they make him happy. And I’ll still post them on 300sandwiches.com. Because it makes me happy.

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