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EoutsideI can’t wait for the weekend to begin—we leave behind office work, only to start on housework.

I have fond memories of watching my dad take on his weekend summertime chores around the house. After a cup of coffee while watching the morning news, he’d get out the riding mower and cut the grass. Headphones and sunglasses on, a Kool Filter King cigarette dangling from his mouth, he’d ride up and down our huge lawn to mow down our country grass, and recruit me to rake up the clippings. We tried to get all of our lawn care done on Saturdays. Sundays were reserved for fishing.

E and I don’t have any grass at our Brooklyn apartment, but we do have chores nonetheless. Here’s what we’re up to:

Tend to the plants: This weekend, we’re planting basil (after we killed our first batch) and more chives (we’ve managed to keep that alive). We use chives in our scrambled eggs every morning, and the basil for pastas and pesto. Above, see E tend to his plants on an average morning, white robe on shoulders, water can in hand.

Make Bacon Jam: I tried to whip up my first batch of bacon jam last week while at my parent’s house, but I want to give it another go for E. The sweet, bacon-y stuff will be awesome smeared on egg sandwiches for weekend brunch.

Arrange summer tablescape: Our dining table in our living room is bare. No flair, no flowers. How soulless! While we tend to our plants, we plan on dressing up our oversized table with some seasonal trimmings. One essential element: a bottle of Rose in a wine cooler. Can’t have a summer meal without one.

Instead of fishing, perhaps Sunday we’ll find time for some wedding planning. Happy weekend, y’all!

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