Wedding Wednesdays: Out of Reach Destinations

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jericoacuarabeachLOE and I have been doing our research abroad for this wedding.

He has some great ideas for a small island destination wedding in places that are well off the beaten path, some of which are only reachable by boat. But I wonder if some of the locations are too remote.

I’m all for a private ceremony on a small remote island. I’m all for only inviting just a handful of people versus all of Brooklyn. But the big thing to consider about a destination wedding: transportation.

There are things to consider when you have to get to your wedding locale by ferry, horse dawn carriage and buggy, or small fishing boat. For one, transportation will determine your guest list. Pick a place that’s reasonably easy to get to, and more people are able to come. Pick an island only reachable by seaplane, and your guest list will shrink rapidly based on how many seats will be available on that aircraft. The photo above was taken in Jericoacoara, Brazil, a small fishing village so remote you can only reach it by dune buggy because its located deep within sand dunes on Brazil’s north coast.

And then, there’s the bigger questions.

What if your band can’t fit all of the equipment on the small skiff you rented for their transportation to the remote island? What if your mother’s bad back prevents her from hopping aboard the makeshift water taxi shuttling guests to the venue? What if said fishing boat is still slimy and scale and bone littered from that day’s catch? My wedding dress may look and smell like tuna.

And then, it won’t matter how beautiful the location is if the bride smells like Star Kist.

Anyone have any destination wedding tips for me? Love to hear….leave comments below or on our Facebook page!

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