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magazinesHIE and I have commenced wedding planning!

We’re having hard core chats about the who, the what, the where and the how much.

All week, E and I have been brainstorming what our wedding would look like— large or small, destination or stateside, religious or non-denominational. We came to one conclusion—we do not want to go broke throwing a party that lasts one night. We do however, want something that celebrates us as a couple, our love, and our families. And we want something fun.

Have we picked a date? Sort of. Ideally, we’d like to do it late spring/early summer 2015. But we have so much to figure out before we nail down a date. As we know, I can’t plan lunch more than an hour in advance. I will not be able to make a final call on a wedding date until the last minute.

Have we picked a place? Sort of. It’s looking like we want to have a beach wedding. But, we have not chosen which beach.

Have we gotten much further? Nope. But we’ve started doing hella research! That stack of wedding magazines above is on my desk at work right now (crazy!). We’re also combing the Internet to look at venues, flights, restaurants, travel packages, and wind at certain times of the year to see if there is ample kitesurfing at our wedding destination.

Oh, and don’t forget the honeymoon. That, too, has been discussed. And that, too is still up in the air.

And now, I ask you—what are some of your favorite wedding sites? Where should we be looking to do some serious wedding research? Any great real wedding sites you love? Give us a shout below, or on our Facebook page. We’re taking all of the help we can get.

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