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Sandwich #103–“Tantrum-Filled” Sloppy Joe

Sometimes—such as yesterday— E thinks I make him look childish. After my recap of E refusing to eat store bought smoked salmon, in favor of the fresh, pastrami–flavored fish from Russ & Daughters, E told me. “You portray me as a tantrum-having child sometimes.”

Sandwich #76–“Crock-Pot Mastered” Pulled Pork Sandwich

There comes a time in every food bloggers life that she becomes so important–and so polarizing–that she needs security. That time has arrived for me. Call me the Sarah Palin of food, but I have a guy with a gun and a car to follow me around for a while just in case someone doesn’t […]

Sandwich #57–“Road Trip” S’mores

E and I took a road trip up to Killington, VT this weekend for some snowboarding. Finally, we got to do a sport that I was actually skilled in. I have been snowboarding for about eight years and can master my fair share of black diamonds. I’ve even weaseled my way out of some hairy […]