Super Bowl Sandwich Starting Lineup

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super_bowl_ticketsLOI’ve got tickets to the Super Bowl, but I’m still debating whether I’ll actually go.

I relish sitting at home to watch the big game so I can see all of the action, watch replays of controversial calls and see all of the overproduced Super Bowl commercials. Plus, I like eating food from my own kitchen—means I can go back for seconds or thirds without judgement or expense.

E is certainly staying in, as are my parents and most of my friends. I’ll probably make a few sandwiches in advance for him, so he has something to nibble on if I’m not here.

If you’re staying home on Sunday to watch the big game, here are some ideas for touchdown dance-worthy Super Bowl sandwiches. These work great if you’re making a sandwich for one loved one, or a whole cavalry of hungry spectators.

#78, my Philly Cheesesteak sandwich, made in a Crock-Pot, is easy, great for groups, and often will leave you with enough for Monday breakfast.

#188, the Chicken Meatball Sub is filling enough to get you through roughly three hours of football.

#34, the Bacon, Arugula and Manchego Cheese Panini is still a top pick. Cut these into quarters and people will be nibbling on these all night.

–I believe Super Bowl grub should be heavy, but if you’ve been pre-partying in the days before the game, snack on #144 and #145, Shrimp and Steak Lettuce wraps. Great thing is people can assemble these themselves, leaving you more space on the couch to cheer on your favorite team.

My Super Bowl prediction? Peyton Manning closes out his career with the Broncos and a Super Bowl win.

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