Sideways and Oregon Trail Adventure

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swaysOT Our Sideways and Oregon Trail Vacation has been beautiful. It’s been a whirlwind since we landed in San Francisco—we’ve gone to a Giants game, seen a friend get a knife pulled on him (he’s okay, the attacker/ticket broker was “just kidding”), attended a beautiful wedding in Sonoma (more on that later), did some wine tasting in Sonoma and just outside of Portland, and now have unpacked our bags in the most beautiful house in the Columbia River Gorge that rivals any pad in Dwell magazine.

Above, a reflection on our Sideways and Oregon Trail Adventure: to the left, a guide to the vineyards along Rt. 12 in Sonoma. To the right, the view from our place in the Gorge.

I’m going to make E a sandwich for an early dinner, but since there’s wind, food must wait—we’re going to do some kitesurfing along the Gorge.

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