Sandwich #53–“Cleaning out the Refrigerator” Duck Confit Sandwiches

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We were done with Thanksgiving. The turkey was gone, E’s mom went back home, and we were tired from all of the cooking and cleaning that went with our Thanksgiving feast. But before I cleaned the refrigerator of all of the leftovers, I wanted to use the last of the sweet potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I looked on the bottom shelf and saw that huge tray of duck fat. “Duck confit sandwiches?” E nodded approvingly.

Now, duck confit is pretty gourmet. But this was going to be a lazy gourmand’s dinner. Luckily we had premade duck confit in our refrigerator that E cooked up a few weeks beforehand (He considers duck fat to be mother’s milk) so all I had to do was pull out two duck legs, brown them, and use the meat for the sandwiches. But we had no greens left in the house, and both E and I were too comatose go to the store and get more. We also had to settle for day old Italian baguettes.

While I prepared the duck, E continued to sit on the couch and watch yet ANOTHER damn rebroadcast of “Star Wars.” It’s pathetic how we have cable TV plus Apple TV and he watches the same movie over and over again. (“I find your lack of faith disturbing,” he tells me, channeling his best Darth Vader). E didn’t even look towards me when I asked him how long to brown the duck legs for. “Until they’re brown!” his smart ass answered.

E was so distracted by the television that every time I asked him what he wanted on the sandwich he never gave me a straight answer. “Maybe some shallots?” was all he said. I could have gotten mad and yelled at him to get off of his duff and help me. Instead, I just listened to him. I sautéed shallots, slathered mustard on his bread slices, and served him his dinner.

For my sandwich, I packed on the leftover stuffing and sweet potatoes, scooped some shredded duck on top and used strawberry jam. My sandwich looked like a holiday on a plate. “Wait, you get sweet potatoes?” E asked.
“You didn’t speak up and tell me what you wanted,” I replied. “That’s why you get the Plain Jane duck sandwich.”

I love duck. Love love love. I love duck so much I want to marry it. In fact, after 300 sandwiches, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. She makes fun of me for my tub of duck fat in the fridge, but any chef worth his salt knows what duck fat is: pure. rendered. GOLD. One day I may redo this sandwich with a currant-port sauce or something like that …
2 duck confit legs (you can buy these at a local gourmet shop, or prepare as below a few days in advance)
2 rolls
1/2 shallot, diced
scoop of leftover stuffing
scoop of leftover sweet potatoes
1 tsp mustard
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp strawberry jam (black currant jam would also work well here)
salt and pepper to taste

Cook duck confit as desired a few days in advance (this is pretty much how E did ours. Told you he was the chef in our house.)

For the sandwich on the left:then shred the leg meat into small pieces with a knife and fork. Toast bread. Spread strawberry jam on both sides of bread. Then scoop on sweet potatoes and stuffing, and then scoop duck meat on top. Top with other side of bread. Smush and serve.

For sandwich on the right: use the duck meat as prepared above. Sautee shallots in olive oil for about 10 minutes, seasoning with salt and pepper. Toast bread. Slather mustard on both slices. Scoop on duck meat, then place a pillow of shallots on top. Top with other slice of bread and serve.

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