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As soon as I read the news Shake Shack was launching fried chicken sandwiches, I made a pivotal decision. Lunch would be in Brooklyn. 

Shake Shack started testing its Chicken Shack fried chicken sandwich today in its three Brooklyn shops, and one so happens to be located down the block from my apartment. I meandered to the Brooklyn Bridge waterfront on this beautiful July morning to be the first in line for this marvel of deep fried poultry, and ordered two sandwiches— the other for a work colleague, since E left for work before I could buy us lunch.

I believe, though have yet to produce proof, Shake Shack puts candy crack in their burgers to make them taste so good—like a little Fun Dip or SweetTarts on the griddle before they fry up those beefy, Angus burgers. Besides the organic ingredients and hormone free, antibiotic free cows, why else would their burgers be so addictive?

Same here with the chicken—crispy fried skin, tender and juicy white meat chicken with a tangy buttermilk mayonnaise, sweet pickle, lettuce and a potato bun. All this goodness, for less than $7. McDonald’s should just pack it in now—you eat this, you’ll never order a soggy, tepidly flavored McChicken sandwich.

Damn, I wish Shake Shack had drive throughs—this would be the ultimate go-to road trip meal.

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