Wedding Wednesday: What I Learned In My First Month of Marriage

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSCF3984-copy3Some people think marriage changes everything. Those people aren’t married. Some things do change. Some things have to change. Other things remain constant, and that’s comforting. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first month of marriage.

Everything and nothing changes

E still can’t load the dishwasher. I still wake up grumpy. He still talks to the plants. I still don’t get why he finds humor in “South Park.” He still is the most beautiful person I’ve ever watched asleep. I still love him. No, scratch that. I love him more, every day. Each day, I’m more grateful that I found an amazing person to wake up to for the rest of my life.

He gets upset when my engagement and wedding rings are not shined and polished

E did after all work 6 months worth of overtime to buy my engagement ring. The least I can do is treat his gift with respect. Most men save for months to get their ladies their ring. Appreciation for such sacrifice comes in keeping it shiny, and wearing it often.

I still haven’t changed my name and it doesn’t matter

I got my first pieces of mail to my house with my married name. Now I have three names. It’s cute. For personal purposes—bills, checking, passport—I will add E’s last name to mine. But for professional reasons, I’m keeping my own name. I’ve worked too hard for a recognizable byline in media that I don’t want to change it. E doesn’t mind. “You’ll be annoyed when people start misspelling your name when you change it.” He jokes we should change our last names to Skywalker anyway.

Jokes are funnier, breakfast is tastier, sugar is sweeter and everything is just better with him around

This person, laughing at the same jokes as I do, eating mint chocolate chip gelato with me on the couch and savoring each bite, is my partner. He gets me. Better than anyone else in the entire world. And, despite my affinity for segregating my food on your plate and laughing at French Bulldog snorts, he still chose to be with me.

Sandwiches do matter

Because they show you care. And I do care. Even more than I did on sandwich #299. Yes, I will continue to make sandwiches. Until death do us part.

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