On the Road…to South Beach Wine and Food Festival!

By 300 Sandwiches

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I had to get away from all of that cloudy cold in New York. So, I’m linking up with some friends at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this weekend to warm up and eat my way through Miami.

Sadly E couldn’t join me (he’s working), but if he’s lucky, I’ll bring some leftovers back with me in my carry-on.

Speaking of portable sandwiches, here are some great on-the-go sandwich ideas if you’re headed out of town this weekend:

Sandwich #169, the “Pick Pick Pick” Turkey, Fennel and Olive in a Pita. Anything in a pita is great for carrying in a weekend bag or snacking on in the car. This makes a healthy sandwich before an active weekend trip, like hiking or snowboarding.

Sandwich #138, the “I Forgot About It” Lamb Meatball Sandwich is also a good pita choice—make the lamb meatballs for dinner the night before, then stuff pita pockets with the leftovers for road trip sammies.

Sandwich #57, the “Road Trip S’Mores.” If you’re headed to the slopes this weekend, these are always fun. And, no flame required!

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