Notes from abroad, part two

By 300 Sandwiches

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As predicted, Hurricane Sandy has wrecked havoc on the East Coast, forcing people to either evacuate their homes or stay indoors with flashlights and bottled water, and shutting down mass transportation and airports. Our flight home was canceled until, um, well TAM Airlines just told us the flight was canceled and “they have no clue what is going on.” Understandable, given the circumstances.

Alas, E and I are “stuck” in Rio. We are grateful to have been so lucky as to be in Brazil at this time, plus we’ve got clean clothes and a nice place to crash with speedy Internet service. Our tour of Rio will continue–with more sandwiches to eat and caipirinhas to drink–but we’re keeping careful tabs on the storm and our friends back at home. Remember, E can’t move a muscle with having an Apple product present.

To all of our buddies on the East Coast–and that includes rescue and emergency personnel–please be safe. Know we’re thinking of you and hoping all escape Sandy’s grasp as soon as possible.

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