New Year’s Eve Reflection and Reset

By 300 Sandwiches

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shutterstock_2016loNew Year’s Eve is a time for reflection.

Last year was a hot mess on a macro level for so many reasons—the election, the escalating rate of African-Americans killed by police and the ensuing backlash, global terrorist attacks, the loss of so many great Hollywood and music icons. But in my own world, things weren’t that bad. I had a great job, lost a great job and got a new and just as great job. I traveled to Spain and to Gibraltar. I celebrated my first year of marriage to E.  And, the biggest event for me in 2016: I got pregnant and had a baby. I’m lucky that I had so much to celebrate last year. Not every year has been so rosy.

Looking forward, I think about what is important to me to have a happy 2017. What would make next year fulfilling? There are the big goals, the things that would make me think I improved myself when I review my list of accomplishments this time next year –travel to more foreign countries, brush up on my Spanish, get yoga teacher training certification, buy a house. But there are a number of small things that I believe will make me happier each day. People tell you, particularly when you have a kid, that the days are long, but the years are short. I want to make my long days feel amazing from hour to hour.

Below are a few goals I think will get me there:

  • Learn a new skill and practice it each day. Said skills could include more computer programming languages or calligraphy (random, I know, but I’ve always wanted to learn).
  • Write every day, even if for just 20 minutes. Even if it’s a haiku. My big goal is to write another book. Short blocks of writing will help me get it done.
  • Take eating for my health seriously. I already eat well, with my almond milk and kale salads and green tea, but I still indulge at times as if I’m a teenage boy (I’ve been caught more than once with a spoon and half eaten jar of marshmallow fluff!) which can undo the benefits of the healthy meals. I’d like to learn more about nutrition and wellness, and see if I can cure ailments like my acne breakouts (yup, still get those like a teenage boy, too) with food. Not that I want to abandon pulled pork sandwiches or turn into a vegan, gluten-free guru, but just want to incorporate as many healthy ingredients into my meals as possible (besides, that vegan thing didn’t work out too well for me before). A byproduct of this would be cooking more, which is also a goal.
  • Make more time to treat myself. I don’t spend a lot of money on myself because I feel guilty about putting cash out for something that’s not necessary (like bills or diapers) or interest-generating  (like a savings account). But I need to invest more in myself. I need more mani/pedis, because I love nail polish and freshly done nails and they’re cheap treats. I need more deep conditioning hair treatments and hair cuts more frequently than twice a year. And I need to buy at least one thing this year just because it’s pretty or cool or makes me feel either, guilt free.
  • Be more patient. With myself, with others, with time. Life is not a race. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

What are your 2017 goals?  Don’t have ’em all set yet? Well, while you’re mulling them over, why don’t you snack on sandwich #213, our hoppin’ john wraps to bring in good luck to the new year? It’ll keep you toasty as you write down those resolutions.

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