Homemade Bread: It Just Got Real

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bread1LOThis should have happened a long time ago. But finally, I’m going there.

Homemade bread, y’all.

It took me 237 sandwiches to get the gumption to make my own bread. I thought it would take too much time, or it was a weekend-only project.

After reading Mark Bittman’s No Knead Recipe, adapted from Jim Lahey at Sullivan Street Bakery, and being told multiple times from friends that it’s is the easiest, no-fail, even-a-blind-three-thumbed-chef-could-do-it kind of recipe, I finally set aside an hour to go to task.

This morning, I was overjoyed when I only needed 10 minutes MAX.

Seriously, you add four ingredients (flour, yeast, salt and water), cover and come back 12 hours later to continue the rest of the recipe. The only reason you need time is to let the dough rise. So, while E and I are at work, we’ll let the dough do it’s thing!

Back in 12 hours or so…

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