Happy National Sandwich Day!

By 300 Sandwiches

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202tdayshooterLOOMG, it’s National Sandwich Day!

This morning, I was too busy thinking about our Thanksgiving plans and almost forgot about today’s big holiday. What should I make E tonight to celebrate?

Since my mind is on Thanksgiving, I’m reposting one of my favorite sandwiches from the 270 or so I’ve done so far. The Thanksgiving Shooter Sandwich is by far the most fun sandwich I’ve learned to make. Take a round loaf of bread, and stuff it with all of your Turkey day leftovers. Press, cut and serve.

You can stuff the “shooter” with anything you like—vegetables, meats, cheeses, whatever is in your fridge. But nothing beats stuffing, cranberry sauce, and turkey pressed into a bread bowl. It’s the perfect sandwich to be served on a holiday.

Now, onto bigger questions: why don’t we get the day off of work for National Sandwich Day like we do Thanksgiving?

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