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italianshooterLOIt’s Friday, my man is out of town, and I have the entire apartment to myself!

When E’s away, I do things like eat kale, sleep in the middle of the bed, shower for 20 minutes, work out in my underwear, and watch really bad television. But it’s only for one night—I”m joining him on the slopes in Vermont tomorrow.

Before I head out, here’s a few things that made me smile this week:

–Did you see that Tom Brady press conference yesterday? It was high-larious! I laughed like a middle schooler every time he said…a certain word. Watch it again if you’re looking for a giggle.

–I will be the proud owner of a pair of L.L. Bean Duck Boots by the end of today. After, ordering a pair of them around Thanksgiving, they sent a size too big, but the next size was on backorder for SIX WEEKS! Apparently there was a huge shortage of the popular boots this year. Thank goodness I’ll have them for the rest of winter. Bring on the Polar Vortex!

–I realized I don’t eat enough donuts. In fact, I ONLY eat them when we’re on the highway headed from New York to Vermont and they are usually from Dunkin Donuts. But these creme fraiche goodies from Not Without Salt make me wanna go seek out loftier treats. (And, her story about forgetting the flour made me empathise….I’ve done that so many times. Remember, I was clueless about cooking—and even more clueless about writing recipes–when I started this blog.)

–Sandwiches. I plan on making plenty for the upcoming Super Bowl. For tonight’s dinner, I made an Italian shooter sandwich, pictured above. I’ll share the recipe with you on Monday.

Happy Weekend!

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