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Vermont Survival Kit

It’s 70 degrees outside. Our snowboards have been put in storage for the season, and E and I are already plotting our spring adventures. As we unpacked our weekend bags from our last trip to Vermont, we took stock of the goods that got us through snowboarding season:

Sandwich #104—“The Gang’s All Here” S’Mores

The regular season at Stowe, VT ended this weekend, so E and I and four friends caravaned up north to take one last snowboarding trip. The weather was spectacular, the snow was amazing and our skills had all improved so much since the beginning of the season—by Sunday, most of us were shredding in the […]

Sandwich #73–“Snowboard Food” Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwich

Rating: E and I only spend a few hours a day together during the week, most of those spent sleeping side by side in bed. But when the weekend comes, we have been spending our quality time snowboarding. I’m not supposed to work out regularly yet (still recovering from surgery) but snowboarding works the lower […]

Winter Travel

Wednesday, 4 PM, Detroit Metro Airport. After a three-hour delay, two rounds of de-icing, and a bumpy ride home, we made it back to NYC.