Condiment Corner: Homemade Chili Oil

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chilioilLOThis is the simplest custom condiment you can make for a sandwich: chili oil.

E has a bowl of this stuff sitting on our countertop at all times. This, and bottles of wine and spices and cutting boards  and the utensils and a toaster and a fruit bowl currently filled with onions and no fruit (must go grocery shopping). But it also means we have this beautiful condiment to enhance our meals and impress our friends when they see it on our counter and we can say smugly, “oh yeah, that’s our homemade chili oil. You want to try some?” Heh.

E likes his food spicy, and he drizzles this hot oil on fish, over vegetables or on eggs. Like every day on his eggs. Like yesterday, on his Italian fried egg sandwich.

Chili oil is the easiest condiment to make yourself. It’s a great addition for any meal, and when stored in a pretty jar or sealed bowl, it makes a great hottest gift or holiday gift. Yes, I’m already starting to think about the holidays as the temperature gets cooler.

E likes to use grapeseed oil for his version, but you can use olive or peanut oil as well. heat up in a pan, and pour over some hot red pepper flakes, and let sit. That’s it! You can keep this for about a month or so on your counter.

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2 cups olive or grapeseed oil
3 or 4 teaspoons red pepper flakes

Place red pepper flakes in a ceramic bowl. Heat oil in a medium saucepan for a few minutes until just before smoking. You want hot, but not burning. Once ready, pour the oil over the chili, stir gently with a spoon, and let sit for at least an hour, preferably overnight. Once cool, use as desired. You can store in an airtight jar on your kitchen counter for about a month.

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