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galleyLOThese just came in from my publisher: early copies of “300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story… With Recipes”.

A book. A freaking book! With my name on it! No seconds, light years or shakes of tail feathers is accurate enough to describe how fast I called E and my mom after I laid my eyes on it. I mumbled some gibberish about being thrilled and not believing it and I might have cried while on with my mother in line at the bank. As any first time author would, right?

I’m super excited that this is about to make its way to bookstores everywhere! But before May, you should follow in my mom’s footsteps and reserve your copy—one with a much prettier cover than the one above—now.

You can pre-order yours by clicking one of the links listed above the book cover in the right column of this website. Your mouse is broken and you can’t scroll up, you say? Find the book at Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, BAM! and Indiebound!. The book will be shipped to you when it hits stores in May. It’s funny, romantic and packed with the best sandwich recipes I made for E.

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So excited! EXCITED!

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