What Our Wedding Cake Tasted Like One Year Later

By 300 Sandwiches

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when you slice into your wedding cake a year later.

E and I made it to a year of marriage. We celebrated with a stale piece of wedding cake. 

A common wedding anniversary tradition is eating a slice of your wedding cake one year later. I want to meet the person who thought this was a good idea, because they must have had no taste buds.

We had a delicious rum flavored carrot cake at our wedding last year that tasted delicious during the ceremony and the day after. We saved the top of it to have on hand for our first anniversary (actually, we forgot our wedding cake at our villa last year, and our wedding planner had to ship it from Barbados to us in New York. It made it through customs without a problem).

Cutting into the cake took the sharpest Japanese knife we had on hand. The fondant was solid and the spongy, rum flavored ginger flavored cake I remembered from last year had turned into a hardened brick. It must have weighed about 10 pounds. I could have used it as a weapon. Or a doorstop.  We carved two slices out of the solid confectionary.

“It tastes like a Cliff bar,” E noted.

It was god awful. Inedible. Gummy, like, yes, a sports bar, and a sweet sticky flavor. We could have cut the cake into squares and sold it to campers and hikers as prepackaged food to survive on in the woods. Is this was the astronauts eat in space?

I could only take two  bites before I put my fork down. We threw the rest of it out. E and I made it to a year of marriage, but our wedding cake did not survive that long.

That night I went to a local Italian bakery and bought a few small pastries for E and I to enjoy after our anniversary dinner at a local Caribbean joint.  Those tasted much sweeter, and we made sure to leave nothing behind for our second anniversary.

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