The Wedding Cake We Left Behind

By 300 Sandwiches

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white cake by annalise cakesE and I have already broken one wedding tradition: saving the top of your wedding cake for the first anniversary.

Newlyweds are supposed to freeze the top of their wedding cake and eat it on their first wedding anniversary. It’s tradition. it’s good luck. And I’m all for doing whatever I can to bless my marriage.

On our last morning in Barbados, the family and I scurried around the villa to pack up our things, while enjoying the few hours left on the beach. E, his best man, and his parents take a drive to Long Beach, a nearby kite surf spot, before we head back for our last breakfast before we head to the airport.

While my father in law cooks eggs, my mother and I carefully wrapped the top of our white cake—a traditional Bajan rum cake packed with rum soaked fruit— in layers of plastic wrap, then layers of aluminum foil. We debated who had a carry on big enough to tote the box, and spent another ten minutes clearing out purses and flipping the box into several bags to see what would be the best way to carry it. “Let’s just put it in the freezer until it’s time to go,” I said exasperated.

We packed up the mini mokes with our luggage–my mom held my wedding dress in her lap—and headed to the airport. Ten minutes into the ride, we got a call from the villa’s property manager. “Your cake’s still in the freezer.” Damn.

“We can’t go back,” said my groom. “We’re late. They can ship it to us!”

Just another line item on my ever growing wedding invoice, I suppose.

Our wedding planner will attempt to Fed Ex us the cake top so we can store until next June.

Still, is this a bad omen for our marriage?

I’m curious—did you save your wedding cake for your anniversary? What did your cake taste like? Message us below, am dying to know if this effort to preserve our cake is worth it!

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