Sandwiches #100 and #101–“Wedding Bells” Peanut Butter with Apple Butter and Honey Peanut Butter with Red Currant Jam

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0510 I went to the most amazing wedding this weekend. THIS ONE!

The ceremony had all of the trappings of a huge New York wedding, gay or straight. Sandra Bernhard officiating. Performances by the biggest 80s Europop stars: Andy Bell from Erasure, Marcella Detroit from Shakespears Sister, Billie Ray Martin (“put your loooving arms around me!”). Guests–all 250 of them—wearing custom made masks for the affair. But the most awesome thing was the vows. The love and the humor and heartfelt excitement the groom and groom had for each other and the life ahead of them together was infectious. The promises to just make every day even more awesome than the next. The vow, from Georgi to Bradford, to “snuggle on demand.” Nothing about this wedding seemed staged or produced for the entertainment or approval of the guests. This ceremony was all about generating as much love and happiness in one room between everyone present as possible. Tears, friends, laughter, hugs, dancing, kisses and a gay man in stilettos belting out “Give a little respeeeeeect tooOOOOooo meeeeee!” Awesome.

When I got home from this wedding, all I wanted to do was hug E. Tightly. With both arms. For a long time. And just feel his heartbeat and bury my entire body into his to feel the energy between the two of us. I popped into his office after midnight and saw him in front of his computer. “How was it?” he said, turning his chair completely around so I could plop down on his lap.

I took a seat on his legs and threw my arms around E’s neck. This is something I do every morning, but tonight, in my heels, in my party dress, after watching two men in love smile and kiss and dance nonstop for 6 hours, sitting on E’s lap felt better than ever. If we make it all the way, I, too, would promise E I would snuggle on demand one day.

E declared earlier that he wanted peanut butter and jelly for his 100th sandwich, so I delivered two versions of the snack. I popped two sandwiches into the panini press to warm them up, cut in half and split them with him. He smiled, like he probably did when his mom presented him with a pb & j when he was 7. Purely content.

The feeling was mutual.

100 sandwiches. 100. 1/3 of the way there. She might actually make it to 300! I so did not expect this when I issued the challenge … *gulp*
4 slices bread
1 heaping spoonful peanut butter
1 heaping spoonful honey almond butter
1 heaping spoonful apple butter
1 spoonful red currant jam

Toast all bread slices. Spread peanut butter on piece of bread. Spread apple butter on another. Stack on piece on top of another. Then, spread honey almond butter on one piece of bread, spread red currant jam on another. Stack on piece on top of another Cut both sandwiches in half and serve.

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