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breadhalfHIAt first, I was embarrassed to admit it. But the truth has to come out. I ate all of the bread.

My first loaf of bread was so chewy and delicious and gooey and comforting, that I proceeded to eat half the loaf before I could make a sandwich.

I did not make a sandwich, or dinner at all, for E when the bread was ready. I didn’t make dinner for myself. I couldn’t let the bread cool completely before I grabbed my knife and every condiment in the refrigerator, hacked off hunks of the bread, slathered on maple butter and apricot jam and honey and shoveled a slice, and two, and three, into my mouth. E did, too.

We couldn’t wait until the morning to slice into the bread so that I would have a nice photograph of a whole leaf for the blog in beautiful morning sunlight. Oh, no. We were hungry.

The heel.

The heel.

The morning, just 12 hours after I made my first loaf of bread, that half you see above is all that was left. After dinner last night, there is only the heel left of the loaf, pictured right.

There will be no sandwiches with my first homemade loaf of bread. There will, however, be another loaf of bread made by the weekend.

Recipe for this amazing loaf of bread comes from Sullivan Street Bakery owner Jim Lahey’s No Knead Recipe, by way of the The New York Times.

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