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Homemade Roti (the Bread)

It’s Caribbean Week here on 300 Sandwiches! E left ahead of me to get a head start on kite surfing, but I’m not far behind him. First, some cooking to pass my time home alone.

Houseguest Treat: Pumpkin Banana Bread

As mentioned when E’s dad was in town, I like to have something baking in the oven when houseguests come over. When the house smells like sweetness, it takes less pressure off of me to be sweet. Just kidding.

Carb Loading

At first, I was embarrassed to admit it. But the truth has to come out. I ate all of the bread.

Forbidden Food: Zucchini

From Lincoln Center to the country—after Fashion Week, I took refuge in the Midwest to see my parents, get some rest and get some good home cooking.