Wedding Wednesday: How to Save $1,000 on Your Wedding

By 300 Sandwiches

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I’m just four months away from my wedding, and things are starting to add up. Venue, menu, DJ, decor….and the costs for all of those things. Before writing a check, I found one way to save $1,000 on our big night.

I’m hiring a wedding planner to help E and organize our big day. I got estimates from a lovely woman who I’m confident will make our wedding the unforgettable night of love and happiness we desire. But seeing the grand total of what that night will cost laid out on a piece of paper in real figures made my head spin.

One line item that really jarred me was for reception centerpieces. The planner wanted to charge a few thousand dollars for ornately done centerpieces on each table. But we figured we could quickly eliminate that by having two other women who were dying to help out with this wedding create the centerpieces instead: our mothers.

E and I are having a beach themed wedding, so natural earthy elements like sand, seashells, flowers and branches will make lovely centerpieces. The moms can find these things while strolling the beach near our wedding venue without spending a dime. Add some soft white candles and votives, and the candlelight will bounce off of the grains of sand to give a glittery glow to dinner. Since the elements themselves don’t need a lot of paint or construction, they’ll look beautiful strewn on our table no matter how they’re assembled, without looking too DIY.

Also, instead of having several small tables scattered around, we’re having one long communal table to gather our guests. This means we only need one long centerpiece as opposed to several small ones, which means less materials.

E and I have super crafty mothers with art backgrounds that could easily put together a beach inspired centerpiece for our communal reception dinner table using elements that don’t cost a lot of money. Their help will shave about $1000 from our decor costs. More money for the honeymoon, baby!

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