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My Mother Deserves All of the Sandwiches

My mother doesn’t like photos, so I thought this one was appropriate for giving her a shout out on Mother’s Day. I was a week old here, taking in the new world around me. The best part of this picture is not my little peanut head, but the epic size and brilliance of my mother’s […]


…is the color of: carnations my favorite flavor of Brach’s Conversation Hearts Bob Costas’ eyes during the Olympics (Feel better! Poor guy!) the whipped cream filling I’m using for tomorrow’s brownie sandwiches

Loving a Nerd

Since I’m in love with a computer programming, Star Wars obsessed, gadget-tinkering, self-titled nerd, I must be the coolest chick on the block. … and you are! — E. FWIW, I’ve felt the same even before the first sandwich.