Sandwich #291, #292, and #293–Hot Dog Buns, Three Ways

By 300 Sandwiches

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291293hotdogI waited until the end to explore hot dogs.

For the record: hot dogs are on my Forbidden List. I’m just not a fan of ground up meat in casing. The only thing I will tolerate is an Italian sausage. But the last time I had one was probably when I had a Chicago address.

Given the spring air, the baseball on television on Saturday afternoons, the Brooklyn street food festival Smorgasbord in full swing down the street from my apartment, I got in the mood to make not one, but three different types of hot dogs for my E. A pu pu platter, if you will, of franks.

Sandwich #291, The Chicago Style Hot Dog, is what I grew up on living in the Chicago suburbs. This is what delis and food carts on Navy Pier and Michigan Avenue produced for the hungry masses: hot dog buns stuffed with franks, tomatoes, pickles, relish, onions and the kitchen sink.

Sandwich #292, The Italian Sausage, is my favorite. Italian sausage and peppers. Meaty and flavorful Usually I use a bigger bun. Wonder if I should have used a bigger bun?

Sandwich #293, the Kielbasa, is something I remember my mom making on occasion when I was younger. She used to use the sausage in things like spinach pie or served with sauerkraut. She told me she also sometimes used the juice leftover from cooking the kielbasa on potatoes au gratin. Mom tricks of the trade.

E’s favorite variety was the Chicago style dog. Oh Chicago. Always home to good things.

“Come on……Baby, don’t you wanna go…”

I’ll make a sandwich for whoever can name that tune first!

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