Sandwich #123–“Throat Soothing” Ice Cream Sandwich with Graham Crackers

By 300 Sandwiches

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DSC_0737 I was sick as a dog over the weekend. Sore throat, stuffy nose, body aches, the works. I spent more time in bed than on the beach last weekend. Not the strongest start to my summer.

Last night, I started to feel slightly better, but then E had a scratchy throat and a headache. Crap, now I had given him my cold. Poor thing.

Even thought he felt lousy, my boyfriend still made a healthy dinner for the two of us—Arctic char with roasted tomatoes, beets and celery root puree. “Feed a cold,” as our mothers had both advised. It was delicious, but my throat was so sore that I could barely swallow the food. Dessert would have to be ice cream. The cool creamy texture could help soothe my tonsils.

E bought an ice cream for dessert called Sunday Morning because it was the best time of the week. Sunday mornings mean waking up late, pancakes for breakfast, or a day trip out of town. The ice cream had “buttery maple syrup and crispy waffle pieces,” and slathered between two graham crackers, it tasted like a caramel creme pie. My mouth felt soooo much better. So did E’s.

But just to make sure we got a good night’s sleep, we chased the ice cream with a few Nyquil.

graham crackers
ice cream (We went for Steve’s Sunday Morning, packed maple syrup and crispy waffle pieces)

Break Graham crackers in half. Slather ice cream of your choosing on one side. Stack graham cracker on top.

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