Five things I loved about vacation

By 300 Sandwiches

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kissingbarnAnd then I’ll finally, truly, get back to reality.

1.) This photo above. The wedding in Sonoma was in a beautiful barn at Atwood Ranch. Congrats to Sara and Alex!

2.) There are about 100 food trucks in a one block radius in downtown Portland, serving up every type of cuisine you could possibly think of. Ethiopian, Cuban, German, Mexican, Hawaiian, Jamaican. 9-to-5ers in Portland aren’t struggling for lunch options.

3.) Our glass box in the mountains in Mosier, OR. Population 466.

4.) In one day, E and I snowboarded in the morning, and kite surfed in the afternoon. All in the same day. In July. #allseasonsports

5.) Our seventh row seats behind the visitor’s dugout at AT&T Field for the San Francisco Giants/ Chicago Cubs game, scored 5 minutes before the first pitch was thrown. Thought it was freezing during the night game, our view of the action was stellar.

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