Weekend Projects: Weddings and Ice Cream Bars

By 300 Sandwiches

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mintchipLO I got another new toy the other day: an ice cream maker! Oh the trouble I’ve started.

I wanted to buy one earlier in the summer, so we could use it from June on, but here, the beginning of August, we’re making up for lost time.

I fired it up last weekend and made the above, mint chocolate chip ice cream, the most glorious thing I’ve ever tasted. Creamy, flavorful, rich and without any bitterness from freezer burn. Sorry, Ben and Jerry, but there is no way I’m every buying ice cream from a store again! It’s so easy to make it fresh, too (you just have to plan out about an hour so you can cool the milk mix before tossing it into the freezer bowl).

And yes, I got a white Cuisinart ice cream maker, thanks to recommendations via my buddies on Twitter.

Our weekend plans consist of making more ice cream, and making ice cream sandwiches with our freshly made flavors. I think E is planning to make a whiskey maple flavored batch with his stash of Johnnie Walker Black. We expect we’ll have some unexpected guests to our house once they realize we’re mixing up all of this ice cream. Kind of like these people. #westillcoming.

We also are attending a wedding for our friends Lynn and David, which we’re so excited for. Consider it market research for our own wedding.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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