Wedding Wednesday: Saving the Date

By 300 Sandwiches

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savethedateLOEight people asked me about the wedding yesterday.
“How’s the planning going?”
“Where is it?”
“Have you picked a date yet?”

I’ve been engaged almost 6 months, and I have not organized these details.

Am I the worst bride ever?

Who are these women who have ironed out the details for their entire wedding in two weeks? Can I hire them to plan my bash?

I wish I could be so organized. Instead, I’ve done very little. I’ve looked at one venue. I agreed to it. Then I changed my mind every two hours since. “Maybe we should go away.” “Maybe we should just have a party somewhere in the country.” “But what if it’s not going to be as nice as we thought?” “Maybe we should just elope.”

I hope this doesn’t mean I have a problem with commitment.

Now, everyone is asking us what the date is. Friends who want to be there for us on the big day, who need to book tickets and ask for time off of work.

Since we need to give people time to make arrangements to attend our wedding, I guess I should solidify the time and place. So, you’re hearing it here first—it’s my goal by next week, we have save the dates sent out for the big day. E and I are going to design our own, and let y’all know when the big day will be. Finally.

And then, we can get this show on the road.

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