The Official Sandwich of Barbados

By 300 Sandwiches

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FishcutterLO This here is lunch—a piping hot fish cutter sandwich, the official sandwich of Barbados.

Barbados has tons of fish shacks set up on beaches and around the island, but the place to get fish is in the town of Oistins, right near where E and I and our friends are staying. We’ve been buying fresh mahi mahi there all week for grilled meals at the house.

I picked up my first fish cutter today at a food truck called Mr. Delicious right near Miami Beach. E and our friend G discovered it during their first week down here in between kitesurfing sessions. I didn’t see any misters working there, just very cool ladies who stacked my fish cutter with fried fish smothered in sweet relish and Bajan hot pepper sauce. They even gave me extra relish in a to-go cup for no charge. And, the women called me “love.” Which I loved.

I wolfed mine down before hitting the pool (oh, was I supposed to wait 30 minutes after eating? Sorry, mom). We’re going to grill up our versions of these bad boys today for a late lunch—one of our guys is out in the ocean spearfishing today’s catch right now.

I’m getting very acclimated to Barbados life. All I have to do is master that driving on the left side of road thing and I’m set!

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