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Sandwich #125–The “Work and Play” Bun Series: Hanger Steak

I was determined to make three sandwiches this weekend–particularly on Saturday. E wanted to go kite surfing on Sunday, tearing me away from the kitchen and computer all day. Though the weather was perfect for the beach, I had to get my laundry done, clean the house, do a mask for my face, work out […]

Sandwich #11– “Welcome Home–Made” Ice Cream Sandwiches

E and I went our separate ways this weekend. Though both of our parents live in Michigan, they live 3 hours away from each other on opposite sides of the state. Since we only had the two day weekend off from work, E and I visited our respective families separately this time. Funny thing is […]

Sandwich #9–“Home Early” Lamb Burger with Feta

I was in the mood for lamb burgers (and as you read in the previous post, you know a burger does qualify as a sandwich). We’ve been growing a ton of parsley and mint in our herb garden, and I wanted an excuse to use some of it. ┬áThe lamb burgers recipe I use calls […]

Sandwich #7–“Hit The Road” Turkey Banh Mi Sandwich

E and I were headed to the country this weekend for my extended birthday celebration. I had a summer Friday this week, but E had to work a full day. I knew he would be a Hungry Hungry Hipster (the Brooklyn version of Hungry Hungry Hippo) when he walked into the apartment. But when he […]

Sandwich #5–“Hot as Hell” Salmon Sandwich with Avocado Mash

Saturday night. 8 PM. It was an ass-frying 95 degrees today. Asphalt melting, dog sweating, kids swarming the ice cream truck kinda hot. And of course, E was in the mood for a sandwich for dinner. I needed something that would be refreshing and not require a lot of time around the stove. Tonight was […]