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Feeding Q, A Love Story Volume 2: Solids

We had a fun start to feeding Q. Fruits and vegetables and foods that were high in fiber were easy to process for her young tummy. As Q’s palate became more refined, we got more excited about cooking for her. E had fantasies of plating perfectly packed runny egg with a side of caviar for his foodie child, […]

Feeding Q, A Love Story Volume 1: The First Bites

Since birth, Q has loved watching “Chef’s Table“. When she was a newborn, she sat in her Boppy peacefully gnawing at her Sophie the Giraffe while watching the beautiful culinary series for what seemed like hours (15 minutes can seem like hours for a new mom). The cinematography really plays up the vivid colors and […]

Five Ingredient Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fried chicken is having a moment. Shake Shack has people clucking after the chain added a deee-licious fried chicken sandwich to its menu. Momofuku just opened a fried chicken shop in the East Village. I would not be surprised of the sale of home fryers was also on the rise. Or, at least, vegetable oil.

And We’re Back!

Hi there! Sorry for the lack of posting over the time of our mini book tour. We were doing some crazy running around, and then we also had some slight technical difficulties with the site. All is well now. So, what have ya missed? Well, we did some really great book signings in New York, […]

Throwback Thursday

Two years ago, E and had a very stupid argument over something I forgot happened. Also, how foolish was I to shoot food at night. My the things I’ve learned.

The Story Behind The Bread

I’m prepping tomorrow’s sandwich today (and it’s going to be Japanese inspired!) but I stumbled upon a story that I wanted to share with you, dear readers.