Sandwich #121: “Too Tiny to Cause Guilt” Ice Cream Sandwiches

By 300 Sandwiches

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121icecreamminiLO A helpful tip before I explain the sandwich: one should not go to the largest grocery store in Brooklyn while hungry.

I did, and bought two pints of ice cream—mint chocolate chip and key lime pie—when I got groceries at Fairway this weekend. I wanted to start experimenting with ice cream sandwiches since summer was approaching. Memorial Day is this weekend!

I also bought a box of Keebler Fudge Shoppe 100 calorie mini cookies; I thought that might make my two pints of ice cream look a little less indulgent, and signal to the Fairway store clerk: “see I DO have a sense of calorie control, and I prefer to eat my calories in creamy cold form rather than chocolatey cookie form.” Nope, that skeptical look in her eye as she checked me out signaled to me she thought I was a Hungry Hungry Hippo. Ah, well.

Later on, a few hours away from having dinner on the table for E, all I could think about was that ice cream. I deserved it. I ran 13.1 miles last weekend to be able to have an ice cream sandwich. E went to Cross Fit three times a week. And he cleaned my floors and did the dishes this weekend! We both could use a treat.

I cracked open that box of mini Fudge Shoppes and saw that they came in 6 individually bagged, 100 calorie portions. But each cookie was no bigger than my fingertip. These would make the smallest ice cream sandwiches ever. One bag made four small sandwiches that I could fit on a small saucer. Well, at least we won’t feel guilty eating them before dinner.

I carried the mini ice cream bites to E, who was working away in his office. He picked one up with two fingers, washed them down with his glass of Chenin Blanc and went back to his computer. They were tasty, but so quick to digest, it’s likely we burned off their calories by just chewing them. It was like we never ate them.

Guilt free dessert=the most awesome dessert sandwich ever.

8 mini cookies
2 tablespoons ice cream of your choice (I used the mint chip this time)

Cookie. Ice cream. Cookie. Eat. In one bite. Makes four. Eat them all, you deserved it.

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