And We’re Back!

randolphstLOHi there!
Sorry for the lack of posting over the time of our mini book tour. We were doing some crazy running around, and then we also had some slight technical difficulties with the site. All is well now.

So, what have ya missed? Well, we did some really great book signings in New York, Chicago and Miami since we’ve last posted. I met some great new friends and got to taste sandwiches at some amazing local restaurants. I’ll be sharing my adventures with you all this week.

I also have some big news to share with you all in a few days’ time.

No, I’m not pregnant.

But I am hungry.

And I’m super excited for what’s on tap in the next few weeks!

More to come!

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Wedding Wednesday: What I Learned In My First Month of Marriage

DSCF3984-copy3Some people think marriage changes everything. Those people aren’t married. Some things do change. Some things have to change. Other things remain constant, and that’s comforting. Here’s what I’ve learned in my first month of marriage. Continue reading

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Meerkating and Breakfast

Though I work in media, started a blog documenting my relationship and wrote a memoir slash cookbook, I am a shy person.

But this blog, and being on social media and having articles written about me and my sandwiches, have helped me to not only break out of my shell a bit, but to have a bit of fun laughing at myself. It’s also helped my relationship with E, helping me connect more fully with him and be present in our tome together. Continue reading

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